Concept of A.H.W (Alternative to Home-work)

The motive behind AHW is to develop the habit of reading amongst learners. It is part of self study. It is given in the form of tracing facts/information from the taught part. It is generally given at the starting of each unit while the reading and explaination part continues. Students are expected to go through the taught part at home to complete their A.H.W .This would definitely enhance the conceptual knowledge of taught part as well prepare the scholars for better understanding of the rest of lesson.
School does not favour other type of homework. Only in Maths and sometimes in Languages, scholars are asked to do practice questions.

The Concept of Assignments

The concept of assignments has been introduced to make the most of learner’s capabilities of doing something by their own. Four assignments (class 4th to 10th) are given for each subject to the students in the tenure of one academic session on pre – decided specific dates.
Generally a time period of one week is provided to students to accomplish their assignment. The marks of assignments are included in the evaluation of your wards performance.