“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, Where knowledge is free... Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection, in to that country of freedom let my country awake.”

For us THE KANHA MAKHAN GROUP the above excerpt from Tagore’s Gitanjali is very much pertinent as we have started our new venture KANHA MAKHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, Township, Mathura with a vision being accredited as The School of Creative And Innovative National Builders.
Kanha Makhan is best known for its welcoming family atmosphere where everyone Is invited with an Insightful word ‘PRANAAM’ which is rooted in Indian culture and displays Indian ethics. our school is based upon India’s prosperous and evolved culture which Is 5000 years old Here, we plan to Introduce the ancient “Guru-Shishya” tradition which is still considered to be the best as the students will be loading a life full of meaning, learning, spirituality, self growth and much more.
Here we all are striving hard to provide the perfect environment to all our children so that they can develop themselves in the righteous manner.
Our Kanha Makhan Group has already’ had its vision of forming good characters and nation builders fulfilled since the inception of our KANHA MAKHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL in the year 2002 Since then we have tried our best to provide our nation the best citizens of tomorrow. Now as we embark on our mission of providing divulging authentic education system, we thought of providing the world class premier school education with our new venture Kanha Makhan Public School, Township. Hence In order to provide the best to our nation to cope up with the needs of 21st century and globalization we extend a warm welcome to all of you for your co-operation and wellbeing, as we together can make a difference.

Late Shri Gauri Shankar Ji Agrawal
Late Smt. Katori Devi Agrawal