Teaching Methodologies

Teaching is supposedly, one of the purest professions as a teacher is involved in shaping the future of the country. In this course of teaching students, the methodologies adopted play a major role. Why? Well, it is not the extensive work we people believe in but the hard work with a little smartness.
Our have a complete faith in our teaching methodologies as we believe in the principle that to do is the only way to learn. We, at Kanha Makhan Public School, Township, Mathura are quite focused and clear with the objective with which we plan to impart the education to our students. When multiple methods of the learning are applied for the same topic, there are higher chances for the brain to grasp the same topic and store in the memory. This is called hands-on learning type. The benefit of hands-on-learning solely revolves around the multiple intelligences of the students and the general environment of the class.

  • Visual
  • Tactile
  • Auditory
  • Olfactory
  • Baric
  • Chromatic
This activity based methodologies are designed to empower the students with the impressions of the sense and personality. Subsequently, all of these are such designed to make it happen and finally deliver the responsible and active citizens to the nation.